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The 7 Most Alkaline Foods
Sat, Nov 4, 2017

When you eat the typical Western diet, emphasizing heavy animal proteins and processed foods, you create acidity that adds to your health woes. Even worse, eating these foods regularly can increase the levels of toxins in your body, while causing significant wear and tear on other systems, particularly digestion.

By understanding the impact your diet has on your overall health in terms of pH (acid/alkaline) balance, it becomes clear that an alkaline diet can offer numerous benefits for long-term wellness and vitality.

The main point here is that we want our bodies to be in an alkaline state most of the time. We can do this by eating a diet composed mostly of alkaline-forming foods, by using alkaline drops in our water, by de-stressing, and of course by avoiding as much as possible acid-forming foods, smoking and drugs (even prescription, as possible). Overall, we can greatly reduce our chronic inflammatory and pain states with an alkaline lifestyle, and return to a better quality of life and feel more vibrant once again.


Many thanks to Easy Health Options for this information. You may access the original article here.